Inside… Victorinox

Founded in 1884, Victorinox began its reputation under Karl Elsener, who set up a cutlery workshop in the small town of Ibach-Schwyz. The branding of these knives did not take off until 1909. Following the death of his mother, Victoria was integrated into the name and the iconic Swiss trademark was born.

A commercial success, the ‘Original Swiss Army Knife’ was becoming renowned all over the world, with those in the military well accustomed to both its durable nature and sleek versatility.

In 1993, black alox handles became the trend. As the company revamped existing models into camping essentials, the brand lent itself to minimalist features and promoted its association with increased portability.

In 2003, the Swiss Army Classic SD was announced American ‘Knife of the Year’. Again, the streamlining of features and new color ways vibrantly marketed the world’s favorite old-timer.

Victorinox watches were incorporated into the brand from 1989 onwards. A modest price tag and built to last, original models featured nylon straps, highly legible dials and were water resistant. Moving into an upscale market, Swiss Army watches today consist of ETA movements- manufactured in Switzerland with both quartz and mechanical movements. ETA is highly regarded and continues to feature in the likes of Omega and Tag Heuer products.

From the early 1900s onwards, Victorinox have continued to manufacture luggage of the highest quality with timeless design. With new technology hotter than ever, the Swiss have set the pace, creating ‘tracking id tags’ that feature a 24-hour-a-day number to ‘call collect from anywhere in the world’.

In 2007, Victorinox set up Swiss Army Fragrance AG, opening its doors to eau de toilette and the fragrance industry. By 2009, ‘Swiss Unlimited’ was fresher than ever, ready to hit retailers worldwide.


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